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In & Around Font-Romeu

Font-Romeu is a sunny, sporty and unpretentious mountain resort perched at 1,800m, surrounded by forest and just 10km from Spain.

Font-Romeu and the Cerdagne plateau offer a multifaceted landscape and a warm welcome. Nature-lovers and inquisitive minds will revel in the peace and simplicity of these valleys, exploring the marvels and secular secrets of Romanesque churches, unpretentious villages, the military architecture of Mont Louis and, further north, Les Angles animal park and Fontrabiouse caves.

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The first mention of Saillagouse in a written document dated 913, exactly on June 6, the day of the consecration of his church...

Tel. : +33 4 68 04 15 47

2 rue Saint Jean

Founded in 1092 by Count Guillaume Raymond of Cerdanya, in a strategic Tet Valley barrier at the foot of Canigou, Villefranche de...

Tel. : 33 (0)4 68 05 87 05

Route de Taurinya

Located in a valley in the heart of Romanesque Conflent and at the foot of Canigou, the Abbey of Saint-Michel is an exceptional...

Tel. : +33 4 68 96 15 35

Boulevard Vauban

In the prestigious setting of the ramparts of the city of Mont-Louis, built by Vauban, the team of the Solar Oven welcomes you...

Tel. : +33 4 68 04 14 89

Mobile : +33 6 13 82 80 78

Rue de l'Eglise

L'édifice religieux n'est pas baroque contrairement à son mobilier. Les trois retables qui ornent l'église sont issus de ce...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 12 42


Situé dans les Pyrénées Orientales (voir avec Google Maps), à 25 kms de Prades et 1700 m d'altitude sur la commune de...

Tel. : +33 4 68 05 57 99

17 rue Saint Jacques

Perched above the town, this Fort dominates the town and was built by Vauban circa 1680 and reinforced by Napoleon III between...

Tel. : +33 4 68 96 34 01

Rue des Soulanets

Découverte accidentellement en 1958, grâce à l'exploitation d'une carrière de marbre restée longtemps le terrain de jeu des...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 95 55

6 boulevard Vauban

City of Mont-Louis - Major site built by Vauban and registered on the list of the Unesco World Heritage. Discover military...

Tel. : +33 4 68 04 21 97

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